Based on this vision LEAD’s mission is to show to its participants an exemplary model of lifelong learning in true leadership, offer an inspiring, personal, intensive learning process, and organize conductors in a co-ownerships networks. Therefore we will offer and facilitate a concentrated learning environment, out of the daily work environment, and a professional platform and network.

Our mission to society is to bring about and multiply our lifelong learning concept through its effect on a responsible and responsive attitude of our participants in their own work fields and contexts.

At international, national, (EU)regional and local level we will link our activities in co-ownership models to other leadership initiatives, as in the managerial and business world, and in public and governmental organizations.

Cooperation with institutions of Higher Education and Research is crucial to fundament our theory and practice. As is our contribution to scouting and coaching of young music talents and to cultural education, in our direct North Netherlands environment, and in broader contexts (inter)nationally.